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The Telzun Temple, Chapter 1/7, Rating PG-13

Title: The Telzun Temple
Author: Azeri/virkatjol
Rating: PG-13 - NC-17 will warn at that chapter
Summary: Richard is caught, Kahlan and Cara work to retrieve him
Spoilers: Anything up to Fury
Disclaimer: Nope, don't own them. However If I did there are tons of things I'd have them do. Richard wouldn't ever get to wear a shirt for one.

A/N: Thanks to valhallalilly for the help and inspiration. Also for always reading what I write and being excited about it. I hope you enjoy it. phoenix_cry you are amazing! Lots of love to my sister of fic!

This hasn't been BETA'd all mistakes are my own

Chapter 1

Waking up, head on his chest, was something that she'd never let herself think was possible. However in the heat of passion a few weeks ago, Richard and Kahlan had crossed that line. He hadn't been confessed. The amazement and relief that she felt after she lost control in his arms, and finding out that she hadn't taken his soul, was something she was thankful for everyday.

Kahlan knew that he was awake, in fact she was sure he was the reason that she was removed from her sleeping state. His fingers were raking through her hair, and the other hand was dancing up and down her arm that was draped over him. "Mmm… Richard, it's too early to be awake." Tipping her head up to look at him, she saw that his eyes were still closed. Creeping up his body she reached his mouth and planted her lips onto his. Giving him a good morning peck, then pulling back to look at his now open eyes.

"Yes but if we wake up earlier then the others, we have time alone." Richard reasoned.

"I concede your point Seeker." moving her mouth back to his. This time requesting entrance with her tongue, something he'd never deny her. They laid there for a few minutes just kissing. Soon she was climbing on top of him to get a better angle, that would allow her devour him more effectively. She loved taking his lower lip into her mouth and sucking on it, teasing it with her tongue and her teeth. Letting it slide out and then jumping right back in to capture it again. The way he played on her top lip at the same time would drive her crazy. She could spend hours just kissing him happily.

"Do you two ever let up?" Cara inquired, "Every time I wake up, there you are, exchanging bodily fluids," tipping her head in a smirk, "disgustingly in love."

Sliding back down to her original spot, snuggling her way back into his embrace, Kahlan giggled, and buried her face in his chest.

Richard squeezed her to him, "Don't worry about her, she's just jealous." he kissed Kahlan on the top of her head then glanced over at Cara, "She just wants me for herself." Smiling at Cara's bark of amusement, he kissed Kahlan again. "I should probably get up and go look for some breakfast. We don't want Zedd to wake up and find that we've just been lazing around in bed, and haven't prepared any food."

Both women chuckled at that. Richard eased his body out from under Kahlan's, kissing her on the nose before standing up. Looking around he located his shirt and slipped that over his head. He grabbed his boots and quickly put them on. Rummaging through his pack he pulled out the equipment need to make a snare and his hunting knife. Before leaving he added the Sword of Truth to his outfit, swinging it around his hips and buckling the scabbard securely. "See you in a little while." He directed the next part at Kahlan, "You should sleep some more. You've looked exhausted lately. I worry about you." He rubbed her head and then headed off into the woods.

Kahlan watched him until she couldn't see him any longer, then took his advice and drifted back to sleep.


"hmmm… Richard?" Kahlan mumbled, after being shaken from her slumber.

"It's not Richard, it's me." Cara sounded worried.

"How long have I been asleep?" She sat up and looked around. Zedd was packing his things, and everything else was hurriedly thrown into packs.

"Two hours." Cara looked around, not wanting to meet the Mother Confessor's eyes, "Richard's not back yet. Something must be wrong, we need to go find him."

"Why didn't you wake me?" She was angry, who knows how much time they had wasted while she was sleeping. Richard could be anywhere. He could be injured or captured or dead. She needed to stop her thought process. No good was going to come from thinking like that. They needed to get moving and find him.

"You needed sleep, you've been overtaxed lately. He said you needed sleep, I always follow his orders." thinking about what she just said Cara changed her mind, "I follow them most of the time, anyway."

Quickly packing anything left in camp, they grabbed it all and headed in the direction that they had watched him go earlier that morning.

Luckily, Richard had taught both woman well, they were able to track his path easily enough. Coming across the first snare that he had set, A dead rabbit in it. Zedd, not wanting to be wasteful, picked up the rabbit and the snare equipment.

At the looks they shot him he replied, "Well we are going to have to eat eventually… no need to waste it!"

Kahlan gave him a terse nod and began to search to find the trail that Richard used next. It wasn't hard to find the disturbance in the underbrush from his feet punching through on his way to set up another trap.

Walking for another thirty minutes they found where he'd been. Bodies were scattered around, four dead Mord'sith and three D'haran soldiers. Doing a quick scan of the area they didn't see Richard's body. "We have to find him." Kahlan said, trying not to let the panic creep into her voice. "Oh spirits, please let him be alive…"

"Get a grip Kahlan." sternly Cara took hold of her arm, "You're of no use to him like this." She knew what went on when someone was captured, but she wasn't going to let Kahlan feel the effects of her own worry. She needed her to be strong, so she used her mord'sith training and showed no emotion. Kahlan nodded at her and took a couple deep breaths. "Now we need to track the people that took him, lets find out which way they went."

Zedd was already searching the area for clues. The two women walked over to join him. He looked up and saw the distress on Kahlan's face, pulling her into his arms, "Don't worry, dear one, we'll get him back." he offered a chuckle, at the delightful thought of the two of them, "It will take a whole army to keep him away from you for long anyway. I've never seen two people more in love with one another."

Pulling out of Zedd's hug she went over to look around. "It looks like they headed this way." Lifting her hand to point the way that the track indicated.

"Great." Cara cursed under her breath. "That means that he's been taken to Telzun."

"What's at Telzun?"Kahlan wanted to know what they would be up against, she needed to start planning. If she had something to occupy her mind she wouldn't think about what was happening to the man she loved.

Cara debated about telling her the whole truth. But in the end decided that she needed to know, and she didn't want her to think that she was leaving something out and confess her. Messing with information, even things that she didn't want her to hear, when it involved Richard wasn't a good idea. "It's one of the biggest Mord'Sith training temples. Most of us were broken in there at some point. There are dozens of rooms dedicated to specific types of training."

Kahlan sank down to her knees, tears were threatening to fall. I have to be strong, he needs me to be brave. Is all she kept chanting over and over in her head. When she was able to compose herself, "How do we get him out?"

"That's a good question." At the sight of the Mother Confessors face she quickly continued, "I know the place well. So we have that going for us. The worst part is that Zedd isn't going to be much help against a flock of Mord'Sith. So it's the two of us against who knows how many…"

"We need to go. We can't waste any more time standing around. We can talk on the way." Kahlan turned to Zedd. "I don't know what kind of shape we'll find him in. We need you to be ready for anything once we get him out. The town of Celcrest isn't too far from here. We'll meet you at the Sparrow Inn. Go there and wait. We will bring him there." The conviction in her voice was a good show, she didn't know who she was trying to convince more, herself or Zedd. At least she could begin to plan, she'd been trained in warfare her whole life. She knew she could get him out of there. She hoped he was still breathing when she did.

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