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15 January 2012 @ 05:54 pm
Not Part of the Plan, NC-17, Cam/Vala, Stargate  
Title: Not Part of the Plan
Author: Virkatjol
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Vala finds herself in a situation. Cam wants to help, makes a trip to kansas. Written for dizzydame for the stargateland holiday exchange.
Disclaimer: not mine.

It's not abnormal for Cam to see her in the hallways. They often pass each other and exchange knowing glances and heated glimpses. But this time something is off…

He tries to ask her from a distance - a squint and a concerned tightening of his mouth. Vala just puts her head down, pretends she doesn't see and moves on. His stomach drops a bit. He's not just worried about her. The two of them together, something he cherishes (maybe more than she does) deeply, might be in danger. He's used to getting the cold shoulder from ex's, even current girlfriends in relationships that seem to be more on the rocks.

He was so worried about her when the Ori had her. When she sacrificed herself in the supergate. They were lucky to get her back before much happened to her. She'd been alone and scared in the village, but the team had tracked her down to the Ori universe and rescued her. She'd kissed him that night. Their relationship had been heating up before she did that - threw her life into the fray, endangered herself for the good of the rest of them.

He hadn't known if he'd see her again and if he did if he'd be able to forgive her for what she'd done. To him. To them. Or what he thought could be of them. It was as if he meant nothing to her when she made that decision. But that first night that they had her back she took him aside. She didn't talk just looked into his eyes. Her mouth covered his and her fingers held tight to his neck. Then she uttered the words he was desperate to hear. "I'm sorry."

It's all he needed. Those two words and he absolved her of everything and kissed her back.

That was six weeks ago.

The thing is, Cam's sure that this, this thing with Vala was going well since they brought her back. Really well. Great, perfect… all of the adjectives people use when they're happy. In a strong relationship, ones that seem to only be building and not tumbling. They started having sex, regular, hot, wet, steamy sex not long after she returned. Nothing seemed to make her happier than going home with him after work, curling up on the couch for a relaxing dinner and heavy make out session followed by a vigorous round of love making.

Now there's the look, one that had no warning signs and he's anxious to track her down and find out what's happened.

"Cam?" Carter's trying to bring him back. He seemed to disappear for a minute. "You okay?"

"Yeah, sorry, Sam. Too much work, not enough sleep. You know, typical stuff that makes for zoning out." He tries to shrug it off like the pit of his stomach didn't just drop three feet. "What were you saying?"

He'll have to catch up with Vala later. It takes all his focus to get back to working on the next mission with Sam, but somehow he does it. It's what he is - forever a soldier, forever able to put everything away and do what needs to be done for the good of the team.

At least, he was. Now things feel different. Off. There's a burning in him that wants to blow off Carter and figure out what is wrong out with Vala.

For now Vala Mal Doran has to wait. Something that's never sat well with her.


She's walking to his office but when she sees Samantha with him she pauses. This isn't something for mixed company. At least not yet. It's as if he can feel her there. He catches her eye and she knows that he knows that something isn't right.

He's already a professional at reading her. Her looks, her actions, the little things that are tells when she's fibbing or scared or about to come. The look she gives him when he catches her at the end of the hall must set something off inside him. His eyes crinkle and his mouth purses. She thinks about interrupting them for a moment…

It's over before it begins and she rushes off, looking away, unable to look at him any longer.

This wasn't something she planned for. It never even crossed her mind but it's starting to sink in. It's real and she can't ignore it. He's got to know. No matter how it ends, what happens to them, it's his right to know.

Vala is lucky she left before he interrupts Sam to call out to her. She'll find him later, well, he'll probably find her. She's good at evasion in most cases, redirection and throwing people off kilter. But with Cam… with him nothing is how she's used to it. There's something deeper there. Something… real.

Her stomach rumbles as she's wandering aimlessly down the halls of the SGC. It reminds her that she hasn't eaten today. Vala skipped breakfast and it's heading past lunch time now. She takes the long way, the path not crossing his, to the cafeteria.

Blue jello and chocolate cake solves the majority of problems. Not this one, but it might soothe her for a little while at least.



The whispered word is coated in worry and it makes her want to cry. It's been hours since she saw him in the hallway. And now he's tracked her down, like she knew he would. She's not hiding, not exactly, but sitting in the corner of the gym lifting tiny weights isn't a normal spot for her. After she finished eating she was restless. Vala went to work at first but she couldn't concentrate. All the translations were gibberish. She let out a frustrated huff which made Daniel look over at her. It almost made her feel that he cared, for a tiny second, but when she waved him off he didn't press for more information. So she left.

She found herself in the gym but couldn't find the energy to work the punching bag no matter how cathartic that would be. So she sat in the little weight room and picked up some weights. Thinking as she lifted the small barbells.

Now Cam is here. Sitting next to her.

"You must have been somewhere else." She looks up at him, tries to smile, but the effort falls flat. "I called to you from the doorway and you didn't hear. It was like you were in a trance."

"Sorry." She didn't want to do this yet. The courage from earlier in the day was waning and now that he was here with time to chat she couldn't bring herself to speak.

Everything in her posture is screaming tension to him. "Do you want to head out? We can get some pizza and go home to the couch?"

Vala puts the weight down. The thought of him acting so normal, so… so fucking calm makes her want to scream at him. At herself, perhaps. "You don't want me there."

Her cold words take him back. "Something's changed." It's like saying the sky is blue or grass is green. Cam just needs to voice it. He takes a chance and puts his hand on her back, when she sits back down, palm flat between her shoulder blades. She tenses under his touch for just a second and then her body seems to remember. It seems to need his comfort. She tilts slightly into his space and that small gesture brings him a little relief.

"Yes. Yes, Cameron." She's looking at the floor but tips her head to look at him. All day she's resisted breaking down. All day she's kept moving, doing, concentrating on not finding herself in her quarters. The desire to curl up into a ball and cry is becoming unshakeable.

He waits for her to offer more, but when nothing comes he starts rubbing her back. "We should talk about it." Her chin dips in a nod, it's faint, but there and he guesses that it took a lot of her strength to offer even that. "In your room here or do you want to go home?"

Where does she want to do this? If he's angry it might be a bad idea to be somewhere else. But not having anywhere to go from their… his apartment might work out better if there's arguing. He's a gentleman through and through. It would be easy to storm out on her here.

"Take me to your place." Decision made. He surprises her by pulling her closer and brushing his lips across her temple. The action makes her tremble. The thought of losing this… losing him, is killing her. "Can we leave now?"

"Yeah, baby." He gets up and cups her elbow to help her. "Need anything before we go?" She shakes her head and he pulls out his keys, proud of himself for being prepared.


It's not often that Vala is nervous. She's twitchy and keeps getting up and circling the couch before settling back down next to him. Cam wants to give her time to tell him on her own. He knows how well she does with force and it just seems to make her run faster in the opposite direction.

"Vala?" She's pacing in front of him and just stops and stares. It's as if she's looking right through him. "Baby?"

Her eyes refocus and her hand covers her mouth as her arm wraps around her midsection. She looks like she's about to crumple and he's off the couch and pulling her into his chest before she can lose it.

"I'm pregnant."

He's pretty sure that she just said that she's pregnant, but… how? He tries to sound indifferent, "What?"

Vala's stepping back, pushing her palm to his chest and pushing at the same time. "I'm pregnant."

That's when she starts to cry and everything inside him pushes every fear and need for information aside. He pulls her back to him and he's relived when she doesn't fight. He can feel her clenching on to his shirt, fisting the cloth against his back, as she sobs into his chest.

"Shhhhh. Princess, shhhhh." He's not sure what to say. It's not something he was prepared for, at all. He rocks her in his arms and slowly backs to the couch. He falls back, gently as he can, and pulls her into his lap.

Time passes but neither of them knows how much. Cam just lets her empty her tears against him, rubbing her back and whispering soothing words into her ear.

"You're…" Vala's crying slows from sobs to just tears. "You aren't mad?"

If there's a reason to be angry at her he doesn't know it. "No, baby, not mad."

"The thing is…" She tries to scoot away but he holds tight. It almost feels like a betrayal. Not something that she can do anything about but she can't let him get used to the idea without telling him everything. "I don't know if it's yours."

The contraction in his throat surprises him. Nothing could have prepared him for those words. "Is it… Is it Daniel’s?" God damn. He knew they had something together on the Prometheus when she stole it, but he hadn't thought that it carried over to when she showed up at the SGC. Nothing beyond her normal flirtation.

She's confused by the question. "No… I haven't ever had sex with him…" She can see the relief in his gaze. "But before you rescued me from the Ori universe I was feeling off… I'm not sure what was done to me there and I wouldn't put it past them to do this."

That's a scenario that he can deal with. The one where his teammate was possibly the father of the life growing inside the woman he's falling for… that's not something he wants to imagine.

"We can figure it all out later."

"Cameron…" Vala's not sure how. "I don't know what to do."

There's a moment when he panics that she might terminate it. Just the thought makes him uneasy and nauseated. "We'll keep it."

"We will?" Not that she doesn't want the 'we', the them, taking care of the baby, but she can't expect him to. She's not even sure about the baby's father. "Cam, you don't need to feel any sort of obligation-"

"Where I come from we take care of our own." He lets his hand slip over her belly, under her shirt and lets it rest there. He kisses her gently before looking her in the eyes. "This is our baby."

She shakes her head, wanting it to be true but not letting herself get her hopes up. "But what-"

"Stop." He kisses her again. This time lingering, long, slow. He angles his mouth and teases her bottom lip with his tongue. She's salty from tears but warm and soft. When her mouth opens and her tongue awaits his he knows that he's got her. His hand rubs delicate circles over the flat of her stomach. When he pulls back they are both out of breath. "It's mine."

She's too emotionally strung out to argue with him. "Kiss me again?" She closes her eyes and just lets her body feel him. She wants to give him more. Wants to be everything he needs because that's what he's doing for her. When she's in his arms, lips pressed tightly to him, hands clutching each other, everything feels like it's going to be alright.


Everything feels better after a hot shower. They stayed snuggled on the couch for a while before Cam asked her if she wanted to climb in the bath for a bit. She declined but decided a shower would be perfect. Her face felt tight from crying and the water beating on her muscle was exactly what she needed.

The scent in the air is delicious as she dries off and then slips into Cam's robe. Hers is right next to it but his is bigger and fluffier and it just… it smells like him.

"What are you making?" She steps up behind him and he pulls her against his side.

Cam kisses her forehead, knowing neither of them have eaten. "Just some pancakes and bacon. Easy stuff that you love."

"I was hoping I smelled bacon." She's still unsure about how things can be the same as before. Nothing is the same but Cam is cooking for her, standing in his kitchen, holding her while she gets in the way watching.

He can feel her start to drop back into the worry. "We're having a baby." He flips the pancakes quick before setting the spatula down. Untying the sash of the robe he opens the sides so he can look at her belly. His hands cup her hips, thumbs drawing circles over her stomach, before moving to her back and sliding upwards. The robe falls down her shoulders and her nipples are tight from the cool air.

She bites her bottom lip and just nods. If he wants to believe it's his, until they know for sure… "Yeah."

He kisses her neck and tugs her close again. The fabric of his shirt is rough on her skin. Everything feels oversensitive and she's not sure if it's because she's pregnant or because her emotions are a train wreck today.

"I think the pancakes are getting overdone." He kisses her mouth before releasing her and pulling the pancakes off the griddle. The bacon is done as well and when he turns back to her she's got the robe righted and plates at the table. "Juice, honey?"

Vala just nods and pulls out two glasses while he nabs the jug from the fridge and brings it with the food to the table. He sits and pulls her into the chair next to him instead of across the table like she had it set.

"I don't want you that far, alright?" Something inside him wants to keep her safe, more fiercely then before even. "I want to be able to touch you."

She gives him a tired smile and scoots the chair closer. "Thanks for making dinner."

"My pleasure, princess." He dishes hers up and then kisses her temple. "Whatever you need."


"We should tell my parents." Cam pulls her closer as they lay in bed. His hand rubs over the baby bump that's formed over the last coupled months. He can feel her stiffen in his arms. They've told a few select people. The problem is that it's getting harder and harder to hide with her tight uniforms. Cam's taken to requesting new ones for her and it's worked so far but soon even the next size up won't conceal the obvious pregnancy.

She swallows hard. That's a huge step for him. If she doubted him before about whether he really wanted to claim this child, she doesn't now. "Even if we aren't sure?" Lying to his parents is something else entirely. It can't sit well with Cam, she knows how much love and respect he has for them. Not knowing if this child was created by them…

"It's my baby." He's said it to her over and over. He believes in his heart that it's his. He knows that it was their love that created the life inside her. "Mine."

"We're not married… Isn't that sort of customary?" Just one more thing that she can imagine being judged for. Sometimes she misses the days when nothing bothered her. Not what people thought of her, not what effects were caused by her actions, not what towns lost because of her thirst for gold and treasure. Now it's different. She's changed, so much, and she wants Cam's mom and dad to like her. In her whole life she can't remember wanting anyone to accept her more than she craves it with them.

Cam just chuckles. "Mom and Dad might ask, but it's alright. They won't push, I promise." He scoots back a little and presses on her shoulder so she'll lay on her back. She's got a small smile on her face. It looks nervous and scared, expressions he's getting more used to seeing. "Baby, it's gonna be fine, good even. My mom's going to adore having a grandchild to coddle and spoil."

She tilts her head away, almost unable to believe that someone else will want this baby. Vala still has trouble some days knowing that Cam does.

"You're sure." She runs her palm up his arm, watching as the muscles twitch slightly at the sensation of her touch. He hasn't said anything so she looks up at him. He's got a giant grin on his face. He leans down and plants a kiss right on her lips.

Her fingers move to his neck and rub through the short bits of hair. His mouth is warm from sleep still and the kiss is all love and trust.

"I want them to know how much I love you. How much this means to me." Cam kisses her again. "I do love you, you know?"

"I know." She tugs his mouth back against hers whispering the words back at him before making sure both of them aren't able to breathe, let alone speak. They kiss for a long time before a break is required. "To Kansas then?"

"Okay…" She sees the look in his eyes and she can't deny him. "Yeah, let’s go." She's still not all the way on board, but it makes him happy. She wants to make him as happy as he makes her every day.


She's feeling nauseous when they get off the plane and Cam sits with their luggage while she finds some crackers and juice at the overpriced airport shop. It seems to have settled her already by the time she's back with him and he carries all the bags while holding her drink so she can eat easily.

They get in the rental and before he can turn the key her hand covers his. "You're sure… We can still go home, your parents won't be the wiser."

"Why are you so afraid, Vala?" He brings her hand to his lips and kisses her fingers. "My parents are nice people, they'll love you. Just like I love you."

"I'm not used to being just… I don't know, taken in. This isn't normal. We aren't normal. You're mom probably wants you to bring home a nice southern girl. Blonde and blue eyed, sweet as punch, ready to pop out gorgeous grandchildren that fit the mold." She's rubbing her free hand over the baby absentmindedly as she speaks.

Cam can't believe that's what she feels. "How long have you been feeling like this? Like you aren't exactly what I need?"

"I'm not even close, I know it." Vala pulls her hand back and covers her face. "We both know I'm not. This baby… it could be anything. A monster or an experiment-"

"It's my baby. Our baby." He doesn't know how to make her believe that. "I know it, in my heart. I'm going to love it just like I love you. Unconditionally."

"You're too good for me." She feels the tears prick her eyes and she tips her head back to try to stop them from falling. "How long of a drive is it? I want to be ready."

"Twenty minutes." He sees her face a bit stricken. "I can take a scenic route if you need more time… or just want to see the countryside."

It's tempting but she shakes her head. "No, let’s go. Best to get this done so I can breathe again."


He sees the look that crosses his mom's face for a microsecond. He's thankful she's able to compose herself quickly and he's certain that Vala didn't see. He pulls her tighter into his side as they walk up to meet them.

His dad isn't as quick to cover his surprise and Cam feels her flinch under his arm. He squeezes her bicep and when they stop walking, he kisses her temple. Openly claiming her in front of them.

"Mom, Dad, this is Vala." There's a small pause as they shake her hand. "We're having a baby."

Just the sound of those four simple words make her stomach unclench just a bit. "Nice to meet you." She settles her palm over her belly, splayed over the baby bump and waits. She's not sure what comes next.

Frank, luckily, cuts the tension. "Congratulations." He nods to her belly. "Now Wendy can stop complaining how she has no grandchildren to spoil rotten."

"Oh dear, I don't complain." Wendy seems to get shaken out of her state of shock and she puts her arm around Vala's shoulders and pulls her along. "Cameron, honey, get the bags to your room. Vala and I are going to go chat."

He lets her arm slip through his hand as she is carted off with his mother. His father is watching as well and when it appears that they are out of earshot he speaks up.

"I thought you were raised better than that, son."

"Dad… it's not what you think." Cam's not really sure how to defend himself here. He knows that his parents are pretty open but they both know how much family means. Being a complete family to them includes marriage.

"I see that you brought a pregnant woman home to meet us. Presumably it's your baby." Cam goes to interrupt but the look on his father's face stops him. "I don't need to know if it is or it isn't. You seem to be planning on raising it as yours. You've clearly got a lot of love for that woman. I just don't want you hurt, son."

"I'm fine, dad, really." Cam pulls the duffle over his shoulder and picks up Vala's two suitcases. "I do love her. That baby is mine."

"Should I expect an invitation in the near future?"

Cam wished he could tell him yes. But Vala is Vala and nothing about permanence makes her feel like she should stay. Every mention of being tied down he's ever made has given her a deer in the headlights look.

"I'm going to take care of her and our baby. If we get married, you'll be the first to know. But it's not my priority. Keeping her safe, keeping our baby safe. That is."

Frank just nods and moves on. Cam's a grown man, on his way to becoming a father himself. He knows he can't live his life for him, can't make decisions for him. But he still wants his son to be happy. Have a family like he did and not have to worry about anything.

"Let’s go in before your mom tells that nice woman all the stories you don't want her to hear."

Cam gets a frightened look. "You're right, Dad..." he replies before he rushes off.


When he walks into the kitchen after putting their bags up he sees Vala with her fingers wrapped around a mug of hot chocolate. She's got a smile on her face but when she turns to look over at him it drops a little.

He gives her a questioning glance but her smile returns, just a bit strained, and she goes back to talking with his mother. The empty chair next to her is inviting and he pulls it closer to hers and sits down, looping his arm around the back of hers and letting his fingertips play over her back.

"You two having girl talk?" It got a lot quieter when he settled in. "Need me to go do some manly things?"

Vala glances back at him and he knows she doesn't want him to leave. He felt her tense under him when he asked.

"Your mother and I were just talking about you."

Cam groans. "Embarrassing stories of my troubled youth, I suppose."

"Hardly seems troubled… maybe getting into trouble." Vala snorts. "I mean hiding in that poor man's leaf pile with your friend and the jumping out at him and making him go to the hospital."

"Hey now, I had no idea he had a heart condition. I was like eight!"

His mom sets a slice of pie in front of each of them. "You were ten and the poor man walked with a cane."

Vala's fork breaks a piece of pie of and Cam watches as she wraps her lips around it and savors it on her tongue. She's clearly delighted by the flavor.

"You didn't tell her about the bull riding did you?"

Vala's shaking her head next to him. "She was getting to that I think. But why don't you tell me, darling?"

"It's not a flattering tale."

Vala grins around another bit of pie. "I'll get it out of you somehow." When he shakes his head she kisses his cheek. "Or I'll just ask your mom to tell me."

"That's underhanded, Vala Mal Doran." His fingers trace the skin of her neck, not really bothered with her knowing everything about him. Teasing with her was part of the fun.

Wendy loves to see her son like this, openly affectionate, clearly in love, not embarrassed by his own shenanigans, everything about watching them together is making her happier.

"What would you two like for dinner? Anything you can't eat, dear?" Her own pregnancies were fairly easy but Wendy knows that it's not always the case.

"More pie, please." Vala grins as she finishes off her piece before stealing some of Cams. "Just not too many onions. Cameron complains about kissing me then."

His face turns a lovely shade of pink which makes his mother laugh. "Oh son, I'm quite sure that you were already kissing her. Pregnancy almost always starts with the lips." She winks at Vala before turning around to begin dinner preparation.

Cam's still struck silent by his mom so Vala continues. "They are lovely lips for kissing too." She rocks her shoulder into his bumping him in jest.

"The lake is lovely this time of year and with the clouds today I bet the sunset will be gorgeous. You should take Vala and show her."

Not so subtle, Mom. Cam looks down at Vala who seems excited by the prospect. "It's not too far of a walk. You want to go see the lake?" She nods and quickly finishes off Cam's piece of pie. "Back in a bit. You sure you don't need any help with dinner?"

"You two go on." She waves them off and then turns back to ignore any further offers of help. They came here to get away from work. Sure, Cam wanted to introduce his family to Vala, but that wasn't the real reason and maybe they don't know it yet, but Wendy can feel it.


He takes her hand as soon as they are out the door and she finds that she loves it. Not that Vala didn't know that. She loves touching him and being touched by him. But the way he just latched on to her as soon as he could made her feel a lot better.

The walk isn't far at all, just down the road and a little left. There's a small dock with a bench on the end and he leads her out there and sits, pulling her down tight against him and wrapping his arm around her.

"It's so pretty." Vala takes note of the shoreline, all the lovely trees and houses scattered among them.

"Yeah, gorgeous." His nose nuzzles her ear to let her know that he's only looking at her. "You're beautiful at twilight."

"I'm beautiful always, Cameron." She smirks and he grips her chin with his fingers and pulls her mouth to his. He kisses her as the sun settles into the horizon. The warm reds and golds blanket the lake as his mouth plays sweetly over hers. A sense of contentment settles into her belly and he hugs her closer. When they part she's panting for breath. "I thought we were supposed to watch the sunset?"

He is watching it. The reflection of it in her eyes is the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. At least until she brings their child into the world or does something else equally spectacular. He loves her. So much. Everything about him vibrates with it. His fingers are playing with her hair and he can't think of what to say. Nothing seems right. This perfect moment of just them.

She smiles at him, a big grin, and his soul feels saturated by her. He can see the love she has for him glowing around her. "God, I love you so much."

"It's goddess." His giant grin makes her happy. "I love you too." There is so much she needs from this man. It scares her sometimes. He never makes her ask, though, he just seems to understand, to know, to want her to have it. An overwhelming desire rushes through her. It's a want, a need even, to be with him. To show him how much she loves him. A desire to prove herself, so deep, that she straddles his lap. Just a little awkwardly from the baby between them. Luckily it's not too large yet. Her hands hold his cheeks and her mouth presses against his.

Vala is kissing him with a freedom that she's never felt before, her hands tangle in his short hair and hold him tight. Their tongues stroke and duel. Feelings of pleasure and need flicker between them and she tries to climb closer to him. It's frustrating her that she can't get physically closer than she is right now.

They kiss until they are out of breath. Night has taken over from dusk and the light of the moon and the stars is the only thing that lights their surroundings.

"We should head back. I bet dinner is ready." The last thing Cam wants to do is leave this bench, to remove her from his lap and take his arms from the places they are wrapped around her. He kisses her again, because it doesn't have to end yet. Dinner will be warm when they get there and it's nice to just be able to make out without worrying about klaxons chiming an interruption or the phone ringing in emergency. She's soft and sweet and moving her hips in a sensual rhythm against his. He's hard for her and if he doesn't stop soon there will be a very public display of their love.

"I want you." She kisses her way to his ear and whispers the words there. "Right here. By the lake." She's reaching between them, under her belly and gliding her fingers across the ridge of his erection. His jeans are tight and her fingers unzip his fly and maneuver their way in. He's not wearing any underwear and she is caressing his cock now.

"Vala, baby…" Shit, her hand feels amazing. "We shouldn't."

Her body is bigger than she's used to now making things harder. She gently works his cock free and pulls on it. Slow, steady, soft movement meant to raise his arousal. "Why? We're all alone."

"It's a public lake."

"A very, very empty one. I only see you." Vala kisses him before he can protest.

The air is cool and her hand hot on his cock. He's reaching the point of no return. "We can't…"

She mumbles against his lips. "We can…"

"Not in this position. Your belly…" She looks down and realizes that the mechanics of taking him inside her from this angle won't work. The bench is too straight backed and he wouldn't be able to lean far enough back for her.

She makes a quick decision and stands and turns. She tugs her jeans and panties down to mid thigh while she's up and then looks over her shoulder. He's got one hand on his cock and the other reaches for her waist to help lower her down. She bends forward and he finds her opening as she sits back down.

"You're so tight, baby." Her legs are together and everything is more constricted. "I hope you're close, Vala."

"Just being with you out here is enough to make me so hot." He rolls his hips, bucking against her bottom. There's not much room for movement. Not much space with her jeans holding her legs and the dock edge and bench. She's clenching her muscles around him and one of her hand s grips his wrist, the other dives between her thighs. She works at her clit. She needs this, this release, this time with him. No one to listen, just the open lake and the empty paths. The dock sways with their motion and it makes her thankful they aren't able to be more vigorous.

"Let me." His hand slips under hers and replaces her finger with his. "I wanna make you come." The fluttering around his cock lets him know that was the right thing to say. Cam presses harder and circles faster and she's almost there. Her spine is tight and arching, her head tips back and he can hear her panting. She's sucking at the oxygen trying to get enough.

"Cameron… oh, so… fuck… I love you." She's falling. Over the pinnacle of climax. The stars are brighter, the air is thinner and everything is clenching tightly and nothing matters except the feel of him inside her, around her, with her.

It’s not long after she tumbles that he follows. He keeps his grip and holds her tightly to him, the lake would be cold and wet and he doesn't want to have to explain that to his parents. He spills into her, lifting at her hips to make sure they stay on balance. He's never done this before - made love in public. It's not too risque but the orgasm seems all the more powerful and she feels so much hotter and wetter around him.

When he comes back she's slumped back on him and her hands are covering his over her belly. She's moving their hands together in a soothing motion and when he starts kissing her neck he can practically feel her smile.

"Baby…" He still can't speak.

"Yeah, we need to do that more often."

Cam lifts her off him and rights her clothing. They'll have to shower when they get back, but that's alright. He settles her on the bench while he takes care of himself. "I'm not sure if public sex is something we should really get into. Could lead to added arrests to your record."

"Oh, Cameron, you're no fun sometimes." She leans over and kisses him along the jaw. "Except five minutes ago… That was quite fun."

"I love you, Vala." He kisses her lips. "So much."

"Mmm, good, because I love you too." She flips her legs across his lap and kisses him more firmly. She rubs at his ear and cheek with one hand as she braces on the back of the bench with her other.

The next time their lips part, it just happens. Mouth open, words falling out. "Marry me?"

She stiffens against him and leans back. He can see the moisture gather in her eyes. The knee jerk reaction for her was to run but for some reason she didn't. She kept staring at him. What should she say?

"You really want me? To marry me?" She heard what his father started out saying earlier. "It's not guilt to appease your father?"

"I don't care what anyone thinks." Cam sees she doesn't believe. "I don't, honey. I just want you. All of you with me. Forever."

She wraps her arm around his neck and pulls him towards her. Nothing is easy now with belly always getting in the way. The look in his eyes, even in the increasing darkness, is sincere. She can tell it's all him, there's nothing lingering in his gaze and it feels like a strange sort of relief. She wants this. Wants him.

"Yeah." She whispers it. Her head nods slowly. "Yes. I want to marry you."

The End.

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dizzy!: [sg] you and medizzydame on January 16th, 2012 12:13 am (UTC)
I love this. <3 I love the overprotective Cam and pregnant Vala and how great of a daddy he's gonna be and I love Vala with his parents and how she's unsure but he's stubborn and not gonna let her stress too much

And I love how you write Wendy.
virkatjol: [stargate] vala bdu-tifulvirkatjol on January 16th, 2012 12:17 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you loved it! Even though it took me like 4k words to GET to your prompt... LOL Cam is gonna be the best daddy, of course! <33333

karen_bkaren_b on January 16th, 2012 03:52 am (UTC)
Oh, I loved it. Cam's pretty perfect. So sweet.

Oh and public sex. Always a treat to read.

virkatjol: [farscape] Aeryn tank lookingvirkatjol on January 16th, 2012 03:55 am (UTC)
LOL YES.... when i re-read it i was like o.O do not remember writing that... LOOLL

Glad you liked it! <333
karen_b: hairkaren_b on January 16th, 2012 03:59 am (UTC)
LOL Well, I'm gad you wrote it even if you don't remember it.

You did good. ;)
sexycazzy: Mitchell halfsexycazzy on January 17th, 2012 06:04 pm (UTC)
Nice! That was just a wonderful story! :-)
virkatjol: [stargate] c/v want you right nowvirkatjol on January 17th, 2012 07:19 pm (UTC)
Aww thanks for reading! Glad you liked it!
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virkatjol: [Stargate] vala snapsvirkatjol on January 18th, 2012 01:19 am (UTC)
I wrote this forever ago and when i put it up i just marked it NC-17 and then I was like WAIT WAS THERE PORN. And I scrolled and was like OMG PUBLIC PORN! HAHAHA I HAD NO REMEMBRANCE of that! LOOOL

Glad you liked it!!